Lotte’s Blog Challenge Day One

I’m determined not to fall at the first hurdle of this challenge, so at 11pm after 5 hours of coaching practice on Skype here’s my first post.

Feeling a bit meh, although I don’t blame the coaching for that. It’s just that I’m ready for bed and wish I’d done this earlier.

This blog post is an official reminder of how I feel trying to blog at 11pm.  It’s not a good time for me.  In fact I already knew that.  I’m  definitely a morning person.

I’ve proved that now by writing the same thing twice in this very short post and by completely forgetting how to spell “definitely”.

It’s edited now, but you probably don’t need me to tell you that.








  1. Lotte said:

    Ha! You sound just like me when I leave stuff til late in the day. I’m also a morning person.

    Well done for posting despite the snoozies (and I assume brain strain after FIVE HOURS(!) of coaching). Can’t wait to read more x

  2. Yay! One of my favourite writers makes a comeback! A short one, but a comeback nevertheless.

    • sally said:

      Thanks Judith!


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