In order to enjoy the moment consider the “future you”

A kind woman who was on her way to a wedding with her British born husband (I’d chatted to them on the train) leant me her phone. I needed to call a cab to my hotel in San Luis Obispo.

It never came.

I tried to be in the moment as I sat under a tree to shade me from the heat. It was difficult – I wanted to move on to the next moment and check in to the hotel.

But no, I was stuck in the Amtrak station. I’d forgotten to book the free hotel shuttle.

Reflecting on how it would be good to look ahead and prepare more for “the future me” (others have blogged about this, I’m not the first) killed a bit more time.

I decided from that day on I’d be more loving and attentive towards the FM. That way she wouldn’t have to rush around at train stations with clothes spilling out of her bag.

And sit on baking hot platforms, waiting for a taxi that never comes.

There wasn’t a soul about to ask for help. The next train wasn’t coming through for hours.

I’d neglected to gift the future me an allowance of cash, in case she needed it when she alighted from the train. I’d also neglected to set up Skype for her on her phone so she could make an easy, reasonably priced phone call.

Anyway I told her we’d find a bar and relax with an early evening cocktail whilst setting up Skype on our phone.

An hour later we were on our way to the hotel in another expensive taxi.

Not considering the future me can be an expensive business, but not always.

I’ve purchased cheaper airline tickets by procrastinating for a few days.¬†And I didn’t renew my electricity and gas contract until the last minute (I know, what a rebel), which to my surprise afforded me a 100 pounds cheaper quote for the year.

But on the whole, when I take a few moments to attend to the needs of the future me, life runs a lot more smoothly.

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