Don’t worry about wrong turns in life

Yesterday I drove a friend to a hospital appointment.

The journey was fine until we found ourselves heading for the M1 and M69 motorways.  I had wanted to avoid this and take the more scenic route, but managed to accidentally ‘lane hop’. A split second decision and we were joining the M69.  I’d left the calm of the Present Moment and was on the way to Panicsville.

I didn’t want to show this and risk putting my friend through any unnecessary stress.  “We’ll just stop at the first services we come to and I’ll check my phone” said I.  Disaster, no service on my phone.

She phoned her husband.  He helpfully told us we needed to be on the road that we were on before we took the wrong turn.

We had no choice but to go back onto the motorway, heading we were not sure where, and then leave at the next exit.  Unbelievably the next exit was the correct one for the hospital.  We both cheered.  Apparently more than one road leads to your destination.  Who knew?  We arrived at the hospital five minutes before the appointment time.

Although it can feel wrong not to stiffen our muscles and think ahead to disastrous outcomes, there’s no point in getting stressed in these situations.

This is the time to remember that if you keep calm, life will guide you.  This leads to confident action.  Even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.

And remember the people who overslept on 9/11.  The best possible outcome is not always the one you expect.


  1. Diane said:

    Shot simple story. Sublime! Please may I have second helpings? … xx

    • Diane said:

      I made a wrong turn! Short, not Shot!

  2. jenny said:

    The M69 is probably panicky because people don’t give it love and appreciation! Great post for all those of us learning to trust our process and not to push too hard. Thanks Sally.


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