Come Blog With Me Day 9

So yesterday I blogged about my shopping spree at an Egyptian emporium on Venice Beach in LA. That post is here.

And here are some of the things I bought.

These perfumes are gorgeous!


This is kitch, but I kinda like it. Look it’s David and Sally in nobody’s world whatsoever!

These guys represent health, wealth, love and something else I can’t remember. Not necessarily in that order.


And here’s the camel. Hmmm tacky, probably not real amber and if it is, there’s not just flies inside it….should’ve dusted before taking the photo!


There was an “amber” cat too which has been re-homed.

As I said, they are frivolities and I certainly didn’t need them. I allowed myself to be swept along by the friendly persuasiveness of the proprietor of the shop. Because my intuition seemed to be telling me it was ok to do that.

How did my intuition speak to me?

Good feelings in my body. No stomach cramps or tight feelings in my chest.

I was in a good mood, it was my birthday, the sun was shining, I hadn’t drunk anything intoxicating. It seemed ok to not let suspicion, lack of trust and fear that I didn’t have enough money hold me back.

In fact the salesman was telling me that these items would bring me luck, pleasure and good fortune. Why not trust him?

And the Universe (bank) butted in when it probably thought he was asking a bit too much, and limited the amount he could take from my card.

My mind then turned the incident into something a bit shameful. In fact it did that as soon as I got back to my accommodation.

It was as if I was telling myself that I didn’t deserve to be so well….devil may care.

Trusting that our lives are happening as they should be, and that we don’t need to fear not having enough, is a wonderful way to live. We feel, peaceful and happy.  We trust life and we trust ourselves.

I think that’s the best lesson I can learn from that day.

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