Come Blog with Me Day 3

So yesterday was the final class of my coach training. We’ve been told that the most important thing is to believe in ourselves.

It sounds easy and very motivating.

But is that really the most important thing?

After 50 odd years of not believing in myself, it’s difficult to change.


I’M A BELIEVER!  Let’s all sing the Monkees’ song, watch the video and pretend that we still don’t have to face reality. It’s a good job I did watch the video, because I’d spelt Monkees wrong. Everything happens for a reason, even serial procrastination.

Confession time.  I often see people doing well and earning shedloads of money and think “I could do that.  I could write like that”. But then I don’t try, because guess what? I’m scared it won’t be good enough.

As long as we are not trying, we can tell ourselves that we’ll do it “one day”.

What if that day never comes?

Please don’t do what I’ve done and spend 52 years being scared of being yourself.

I’ve had some wonderful and memorable experiences while not believing in myself.  I don’t regret any of them as I know they’ll be invaluable to draw on as I practice as a life coach.

But even though Martha Beck coaches are advised not to give advice, but to guide people towards finding their own right life, I’m going to break the rules already.

Believe now. I beg you.





  1. Lotte said:



    (And also, yay productive procrastination!)

    • sally said:

      Thanks for your encouraging words Lotte! xx


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