Come Blog With Me Day 27


Perhaps I should feel like a failure as I didn’t blog everyday – in fact I missed quite a few days, ahem.

But here’s what I learned about my procrastination style.

1. I make the excuse that I don’t feel ready. So I go and do a bit more research, or another personality quiz.

And it’s possible to really play tricks on yourself and make yourself think you’ve got plenty of time. And then…

2. Something happens and you haven’t got the time you thought you had – like a friend who’s ill, calls and asks if you’ll buy a Pukka pie for her daughter’s tea.

Well obviously going into Tesco and buying a Pukka pie doesn’t take long (principles about buying Pukka pies aside). But then you deliver said pie to her house, and while you’re there you might as well have a cup of tea and a chat with said friend.

Well bugger me, four hours have passed and when you get back your husband has cooked you a lovely tea and then Wolf Hall is on and then you fall asleep but….

3. You might go back to your desk at 10, or 10.30 if you’ve watched whatever comedy is on BBC2 at 10 o’clock and then wished you hadn’t because it was good, but not that good and you could have been blogging – another excuse to beat yourself up.

There are 2 possibilities to how this scenario will go – either you’ll feel so tired you can’t keep your eyes open or… even though you fell asleep during Up the Women on the telly you now have a second wind and you will continue to blog and will finish at 3 minutes to midnight and go to bed quite happily.

This happened at least 3 times during Come Blog with Me.

I have to admit that I didn’t blog before midday once.

But the biggest lesson learned was that once I actually sit down and do it, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!

And I tend to naturally blog about what interests me and towards the direction that I want my coaching practice to go.

Except I haven’t done a food blog yet.

Hmm think I’ll remedy that one tomorrow for the last day of CBWM – sob!!






  1. Lotte said:

    Haha Sally, your blogging process sounds shockingly similar to mine! (Pukka Pies aside).

    So glad you’ve enjoyed the challenge… as Liz Gilbert would say, onwards!

  2. Lorraine Buchanan said:

    The pukka pie mission feels like so long ago Sally … very pleased about that too. What a tower of strength you are for others Sally and certainly helped me to regain my health for which I will be eternally grateful for.


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