The best use of your time is what you are doing right now.

Do you trust that what you are doing now is the right thing for you to be doing?  And the place where you are sitting reading this is the only place you are supposed to be?

I don’t mean that reading this post is the be all and end all.  It’s just that having a sense of acceptance for what’s going on in your life, right at this moment, makes everything a little easier.  It gives you a sense of freedom.  From longing for something different.

As we get older, we realise that material ‘things’ don’t necessarily give us as much pleasure as we hoped they might.  It’s all about how we feel on the inside.  Being in the moment and noticing what’s going on around us (including our own reactions to life) teach us to know ourselves better.

The more we punish and admonish ourselves for our own behaviour, the less likely we are to change.

The other evening I found myself standing in the kitchen feeling thoroughly miserable about a certain situation in my life.  In the past I would have let the negative thoughts escalate in to a full blown depressive mood.  But now I remember to pause for a moment, take some deep breaths and feel the emotions but not let them take me over.  I did the washing up that had been left in the sink, changed the lighting to something less harsh and prepared a meal of tinned chickpeas, sliced nectarine, goats cheese and rocket..  That’s all it took to turn the evening from dismal to enjoyable.

So it’s not about positive thinking and avoidance tecniques.  It’s all about acceptance and doing what makes you feel good, without leaving you with a massive hangover or come down later on.











  1. Jessy Paston said:

    What a wonderful post and thank you for posting. It is so easy to forget to accept the here and now, and a reminder of it has come at the perfect time for me.

    Look forward to reading more.


  2. Cheryl said:

    A lovely reminder to stay present Sally. I totally agree about changing your surroundings to make things more pleasant. It’s so easy to let bad feelings escalate but by making the small tweaks (esp changing the lighting!) we can bring ourselves back from the edge.


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